Here in Seattle, maintaining a watertight roof on your home is a necessity to keep your family and belongings dry and safe from harm. Dealing with a leaky roof is stressful and often costly, so it’s wise to take these three actions now to lower the risk of leaks occurring:

Connect With a Reputable Local Roofer

An important first step toward stopping roof leaks is researching area roofing contractors and choosing a company that’s licensed and insured with a reputation for outstanding workmanship and customer service. Then, have your chosen roofer perform an in-depth inspection of your roof so you have a good baseline assessment of its condition. The detailed report your roofer provides can tell you approximately how much longer your roof should last, and offer recommendations about maintenance and repair issues that need attention to keep your home watertight. Be sure to take care of these necessary actions promptly, and schedule follow-up roof inspections at least once a year going forward.

Do Periodic Roof and Attic Checks

In addition to annual rooftop inspections by a pro, you should also do in-between checks yourself from the ground and in your attic. Outdoors, walk around your home and use binoculars if necessary to check for damaged or missing shingles, shakes or tiles, or piles of shingle granules beneath your gutter downspouts. Indoors, inspect the attic for evidence of leaks, like water drips or stains on the underside of the roof decking, wet insulation on the attic floor, mold growth on building materials, and corrosion on metal components. If you see signs of water intrusions, call your roofing contractor immediately to have the source located and fixed to prevent any further damage.

Keep Your Roof Moss-Free

Our cool, moist climate here in the Pacific Northwest creates the ideal environment for moss to flourish on shaded sections of your roof. When this invasive plant gains a foothold, it forms a thick, sponge-like mat and its roots pull water down beneath the roofing material where it deteriorates the underlayment, rots the decking and causes leaks. You can avert these problems by having your roof professionally cleaned to remove developing moss growth, but be sure to ask your roofer’s advice on products/methods that won’t cause unintended harm to your roof.
To learn more actions that can help you stop a leaky roof on your Seattle home, contact us at Go Roof Tune Up today!

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