Anatomy Of Your Roofing System - Ridge Vents

Have you ever wondered how an attic ventilation system can make your roof more energy-efficient?

Ridge vents are found at the apex of sloped roofing for the purpose of releasing damp and warm air from the attic. Not only can ridge vents cut your energy bills, they can help provide maximum longevity for your roof. Here are important points to remember about ridge vents for reducing roof repair.

Maintenance for Ridge Vents

While ridge vents have economical and performance advantages over fans, we have to remember they must be maintained to minimize future roof repair work. Ridge vents are common areas where leaks develop for several reasons, the most common of which is improper installation. Sometimes short nails can be part of the problem.

Another cause of leaks is from older vents that weren’t designed to resist wind and water. If a leaky vent is neglected over time the consequences may include water damage to the attic. An attic hatch can be a source of leaks as well.

In climates with colder winters, sometimes ridge vents can get blocked with ice, which usually melts away in a short time. The beauty of ridge vents is that they work in any climate, but sometimes you may still need roof repair due to wear and tear from environmental factors.

Hiring Qualified Technicians

You can’t afford to let just anyone conduct your roof repair or seal a ridge vent. In order for the work to go smoothly you need an experienced expert to avoid the costly problems of redoing an improper installation. Staying on top of your roof’s condition is essential for its longevity, so it helps to have your roof inspected once per year. Even though some people try to do their own inspections, it’s safer and easier to leave that work for skilled professionals who have done it for years. Experienced roof repair technicians understand how ridge vents work with soffit vents to provide continuous air flow. They are also equipped with the proper tools and safety gear.

Who To Call For Help

The lifespan of your roof depends on how it was installed and how you take care of it. Periodic inspection will prevent major maintenance issues. Contact us at Go Roof Tune Up to learn more about how we can assess your roof repair needs.

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