How to easily update your tile roof without replacing it

Tile roofing can last for decades which can be both good and bad. It’s great because you most likely won’t have to replace the roof, which saves you money. However, you’re also tied to the same roof for all of those years. The good news is it’s possible to update your tile roofing without going for a full replacement.

A Thorough Cleaning

If your roof is starting to look old and worn, it might just be accumulated dirt form over the years. If you have a professional come in and give it a thorough cleaning, you’ll be surprised at how different the tiles look. They’ll be restored to their original luster and will look quite new despite their actual age.


Tiles have coats on them to keep them safe from fading and weather elements. That top coat is going to wear down eventually. When you place a new top coat on, it adds a new layer of protection to the roof and gives it a new lease on life. The roof must be cleaned first and then the coat can be updated to get the best results.

Change The Color

If you still want a different look on your roof after it’s cleaned, it is possible to place a different tinted top coat on the tiles to give them a unique appeal and color. Perhaps you have changed the colors on your house and now you want to follow suit with the roof. The colored top coat can bring your tiles to life in a whole new way without causing you the cost of replacement.

If you need anything at all done to your tile roof, the professionals at Go Roof Tune-Up can help. Give us a call for tile roof repairs, cleaning, re-coating, or advice on hoe to get your tile roofing back into its former glory. We know tile roofing and are happy to find ways to invigorate your roof without replacing it.

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