How To Understand The Tune Of Roof Maintenance Costs

Imagine if you brought a car worth $30,000 into the dealer for a repair.

The service manager says you could either spend $1,000 to completely fix or you could spend another $35,000 to replace the car. You’d be likely to choose the first option unless you really had your heart set on a new car and your budget allowed for it.

Having your roof tuned up is somewhat similar. Instead of paying $10,000 or more to tear off your roof and replace it, a roof tune up could help your roof achieve its expected lifespan and save you money. Depending on the scope of the repairs needed, your roof maintenance could cost you between $2,000 to $5,000.

Why Do Roof Maintenance Costs Vary?

No two roofs are alike, so there are several variables which go into calculating the cost of roof maintenance (also called a roof tune up). The cost to tune up your roof could vary from your neighbors. When Go Roof Tune Up calculates the cost of roof maintenance, we ask the following questions.

  • How many tiles or shingles are broken or missing?
  • Have the valleys on your roof have been properly cut?
  • What is the condition of your roof’s underlayment?
  • Is the flashing properly sealed and painted?
  • What is the condition of any chimneys?
  • Is there damage to the roof ridge from wind or other harsh weather conditions?
  • Is there dry rot?

Do It Sooner Than Later!

The greatest benefit of having your roof tuned up is when you get roof repairs done at the first sign of a problem, the less expensive repairs will be. If you ignore needed repairs, they quickly become more extensive as the damage spreads throughout your roof and into your home.

Don’t wait! Connect with Go Roof Tune Up now to learn more about this cost-saving service. We are always willing to work with you for the best possible outcome for your roof and your budget. Financing is available with pre-authorization. With roof maintenance and our five-year warranty, you get the peace of mind which comes with every roof repair Go Roof Tune Up makes.

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