Must-have credentials from your roofer

Trade show awards are gratifying. Satisfied customer testimonials are great. But when you are looking for qualified roofers to handle roof repair projects on your northern California home, you want to see some must-have credentials.

State Licensing

California’s Contractors State License Board is a great place to stop to find out if your roofer is qualified, in the eyes of the state, to perform roof repair and other roof work. You can look up the license number of a reputable roof repair company easily; for example, Go Roof Tune Up, Inc. holds California license #933425, and says so on our home page. We got our license on June 4, 2009, and will get a renewal before it expires, June 30, 2019.

A roof repair outfit that operates without a state license is not only skirting the law, it is withholding valuable information about the way it operates. For us to earn our California license, we had to show proof of other valuable credentials, including a contractor’s bond, workers compensation insurance and the company employees covered by the license.


A contractor’s bond is a sort of insurance policy for you, the homeowner. If a roof repair job fails to meet expectations, you can file a claim with the bondholder to recover your expenses. High-quality roofers carry contractor’s bonds roughly equivalent to a large repair job or small roofing project. For example, Go Roof Tune Up, Inc. holds a $15,000 bond, #7900438372, through Nationwide Insurance. If your prospective roofer is afraid to tell you details like that about their contractor’s bonds, move on to another roof repair company.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Like a contractor’s bond, workers compensation insurance is protection for you, the homeowner, in case a roofing company’s employee is hurt on the job at your home. Without it, an injured worker may have no recourse but to sue you for damages and medical costs. Expect a good roofer to provide evidence of workers compensation insurance. For Go Roof Tune Up, Inc., we have a policy through California Insurance Company, #7383716101, that we have held for five years.

At Go Roof Tune Up, Inc., we have nothing to hide and a lot to be proud of. Contact us today to arrange a visit from our roofing professionals. We will be happy to show you our credentials, evaluate your roof, earn your trust and provide you with superior roofing service.

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