How to Know If You Need Roof Renovation

Knowing if you need a roof renovation before something disastrous happens can be pretty important to a homeowner, so it’s worthwhile to recognize the warning signs, and periodically check for them. If you pay no attention to the roof over your head, there could come a time when it simply gives out, and is no longer overhead, protecting your household and everything in it.

Roof age

If you know that your roof is 25 years old or more, it is likely to be in need of roof renovation or replacement. Unless you had a long-lasting roof system installed originally, most shingled roofing is not meant to last much longer than 20 to 30 years.

Curling, cracking, missing shingles

When your shingles begin to curl up at the edges, that’s usually a sign that weathering has taken a toll on them, and they are in need of replacement. The same is true for cracked shingles because it means they are no longer as weatherproof as they once were. Missing shingles provide no protection at all for the underlayment. Depending on the extent of your shingle damage, you might have as little as a year, or as many as five years to plan your renovation project.

Gutter granules

When you begin to see granules in your gutter which have been shed by the shingles of your roof system, that’s a good indicator that it’s time for renovation. Since those granules help to shield the asphalt part from the sun, the asphalt is left unprotected when the granules fall off. You’ll need to react to this fairly quickly because damage will begin to occur soon.

Attic sunlight

If you can see sunlight through openings in your attic, that means there are weaknesses in the roofing system, and rain can get in as well. You need to address this as soon as possible because you’re probably already taking on weathering damage.

Contact the roofing renovation experts

When your roof needs to be renovated, contact the experts at Go Roof Tune-Up, Inc. to discuss options you may have, or to schedule an on-site visit and assessment. You’ll feel much more confident, knowing that your home will be protected by experienced and knowledgeable roofing experts. Call  (866) 989-6976