Be smart! Plan for the future.

How long does a roof last? So many variables affect a roof’s life, you cannot say for sure just how long your Seattle-area home’s roof will withstand all that Mother Nature throws at it. So, then, how do you know when to consider roof repair? What little reminder should stir you to action? You do not want to wait until you are under a typical Seattle drizzle inside your home (indoor rain is a sure sign you’ve waited too long). Consider these ideas to keep roof repair in your thoughts now and in the future. 


Commercial property owners have very long to-do lists, but they keep them organized through repetition and patterning. They know tasks that must be completed daily (sweep sidewalks), weekly (vacuum elevator carpets) and so on. Roof work can become part of your annual home maintenance pattern, too, if you plan for it.

Spring and summer are ideal seasons to enlist the aid of a local, dependable roofing contractor. Make a call to your roofer a routine part of spring cleaning, for example, and never worry about leaks or loose shingles again.


Roof repair is a great solution to a problem (my roof is leaking!), but better would be actions that prevent the problem in the first place. Getting an accurate assessment of your Seattle-area home’s roof can provide a baseline for future work, including roof repair as needed.

Say your roofing contractor examines your roof in the spring and points out loose flashing around the chimney. It is not missing, just loose. No need to panic, but eventually you need to have it replaced or repaired.

The following year, the annual roof assessment shows that the flashing should be fixed immediately, but now a few shingles by the chimney have curled or sustained hail damage, and the drip edge along the roof by that chimney is deformed enough to cause water to run back toward your siding.

Instead of incurring costs for several visits (flashing, then shingles, then drip edge), the roofer can make substantial roof repairs all in one visit. All before a leak around the chimney could develop.


Select Go Roof Tune Up, Inc. to be your Seattle-area partner in roof repair, leak prevention and routine maintenance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you plan now for roof repair so you do not need to react to a leak later.

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