ow Regular Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Your home’s roof is meant to last for many years. Most roofing has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years or more, depending on the material.

However, making sure your roof lasts as long as possible isn’t as simple as just having it properly installed. To get the most out of your roof, you’ll need to schedule regular maintenance and periodic tune ups to keep it in tip-top shape.

Why Tune Ups are Necessary

No matter how new your roof is, it can still fall victim to harsh weather, poor workmanship, and even faulty materials. A tune up will give you:

  • a concise overview of your roof
  • a report about its problem areas, especially with concern to the areas around chimneys, skylights, and roof vents
  • recommended steps you need to take to ensure it does its job of keeping your home dry and secure

Having an experienced professional go over your roof can give you a heads up about potential issues, even if no current problems are found. It can also be the most effective step you can take to protect your roof and extend its lifespan.

Going the Distance

Your roof is subjected to extremes, even in the most temperate climate. The sun’s rays can break down materials, high winds can make shingles lift and tear, and rain can be your roof’s most annoying (and effective) nemesis. Any of these issues can strip years, possibly decades, from your roof’s lifespan.

Having your roof inspected after big weather events is a must, as is ensuring proper maintenance is carried out as soon as possible after any damage is detected. The simple step of having a trusted, dependable roofer on standby is an excellent way to keep your roof in its best shape, all year ’round. Preventing the damage may not always be possible, but a thorough inspection and scheduled maintenance can mean the difference between staying dry and enormous repair bills.

The professional roofers at Go Roof Tune Up will give you honest answers and evaluate your roof’s main problem areas. We’ll make sure it’s ready to handle whatever next season is going to throw at it. Contact our dependable, trustworthy specialists today for your free consultation. At Go Roof Tune Up, we do it fast, we keep it clean, and we do it right, the very first time.

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