3 Strategies for Anticipating Residential Roof Repair

America’s west coast brings abundant rain, cool summer nights, and gorgeous sunsets. From California up through Washington, homeowners struggle to balance those charming qualities with the constant wear and tear their homes endure. Residential roof repair is frequently needed due, in part, to the changeable weather the coastal cities and towns endure.

One: Timeline

A roof ages just as our homes and our bodies do. If your roof’s age is unknown, get a professional roofer to inspect it and deliver an estimated age. Then mark your calendar:

  • Shingle — If your roof is 10 to 15 years old, have it inspected (and repaired as needed) within the next two to three years, and then every other year thereafter; if your shingle roof is younger than a decade old, consider a thorough inspection in the next five years
  • Ceramic or concrete tile — If your tile roof is a decade to three decades old, inspect and repair it within the next decade; if younger than a decade old, consider another inspection in five years
  • Metal — Metal roofing often lasts longer than a homeowner; the baseline inspection may be sufficient if no issues are detected

Two: Landscaping

Overhanging trees, ivy-covered walls, and shade trees are all potential sources of residential roof repair. Why? Overhanging trees often droop, scraping their branches on your roof. Ivy can quickly grow beyond your walls and encroach on your roof. Shade trees allow algae and moss to take hold on your roof.

Three: Your Attic and Gutters

Your attic and gutters are early-warning systems for roof repair. If you notice the underside of your roof’s sheathing shows signs of distress, you can anticipate roof repair work very soon:

  • Mold (black or green) indicates too much moisture trapped in your attic, weakening your roof system
  • Water stains — You need roof work immediately; water leads to mold, insect invasion and damage to ceilings and walls
  • Light — Sheathing is supposed to be attached with very small gaps, covered by underlayment and the roof material (tile, shingle or metal); if you see light, something is wrong

Gutters hold lost granules from fiberglass-asphalt shingles. They indicate missing water-resisting material and evaporation of the volatile chemicals saturating each shingle.

Go Roof Tune-Up can assess your home’s roof whether you are in Seattle, WA or northern CA; our experts can determine trouble signs that call for immediate roof repair. Contact Go Roof Tune-Up today!