3 roof problems to repair immediately

Next to the foundation, the most important structural element of your home is the roof. It does more than shield you from the outside elements; it shields your home’s heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing systems, and your prized possessions. It’s no exaggeration to say that a structurally sound roof could save your life.

This is why the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends homeowners conduct two self-checks per year, either from ground level or a second-story window, as well schedule one professional roof inspection per year. Beyond regular inspections, three conditions should motivate you to consider calling an experienced roofing company for immediate repair.

Noticeable damage

A sagging roof, gaping holes, or large debris such as tree branches laying on top of your roof can cause a heart to race. In this case, don’t even go inside your home to inspect the damage. If the damage has affected your home’s structural integrity, you could put your safety at risk. Call Go Roof Tune Up™ without delay.

A water leak inside your home

Even if you notice a faint drip, don’t ever treat water as a minor discovery. Water travels and is highly corrosive, potentially winding its way to damage your home’s walls, floors, ceilings, and even the electrical and central air conditioning systems. A small amount of water can trigger the growth of mold and mildew, which in turn can cause breathing and other health problems. Alternatively, you may only find signs of a water leak. These danger signs include algae or mold growth, roof rot, curled or buckled shingles, and damaged flashing (the aluminum or steel waterproofing that protects openings in your roof).

Missing shingles

Especially after a storm, you may notice unattached shingles laying on your roof or on the ground near your home. You may even find shingles or shingle granules in your gutters, which will interfere with the natural flow of water. Either way, missing shingles should be replaced to reinforce the veracity of your roof. Clumps of shingle granules can also be a sign of trouble since shingles shed the most granules toward the end of their expected lifespan, or the 20-year mark.

As Riverside’s most trusted roofing company, Go Roof Tune Up™ will treat your roof problem with the urgency it deserves. Call us when you need an inspection or repair and we’ll ensure your roof stands up to every challenge.

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