3 Common Causes Of Shingle Roof Deterioration

You take a lot of pride in your Arizona area home, and it’s never a welcome sight when your shingle roof starts showing signs of deterioration.

The problem is, damage to your shingle roof is often out of your control – or sometimes not so easy to see. Moreover, you’re probably wondering what’s causing all the wear and tear.

Here’s a look at three common causes of shingle roof deterioration, and also why it’s a good idea to have your roof and gutters inspected by a professional regularly.

Common Causes of Roof Deterioration

  1. The Elements

Moisture is your roof’s No. 1 enemy, no matter what form it takes. Excess moisture from rain can damage your roof’s structure, create mildew, rot the decking, and even harm damage insulation.

High winds and hail also can cause damage to your shingle roof. A stronger than normal wind will lift, curl, and pull shingles away from the roof, which can lead to significant structural damage. Hail may dislodge the tiny protective granules on shingles that protect your home from damaging UV rays.

While most of us love sunshine, the sun beating down on your shingle roof is just part of normal wear and tear that may lead to your roof’s deterioration.

  1. Overgrown Trees

Tree limbs that hang down on to your roof and leaf buildup also contribute to shingle roof deterioration by puncturing the roof and blocking your downspouts.

  1. Lichen

Algae and moss can lead to wood rot and structural damage to your roof over time, and also may discolor your roof.

Regular inspection of your roof and gutters by roofing professionals can prolong the life of your roof. The professionals at Go Roof Tune Up of Arizona will inspect your roof and offers high-quality roof preservation services.

If you need expert shingle roof repair services for your northern California or Seattle home, contact us at Go Roof Tune Up!

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