Understanding Shingle Roofs - Granules

Out of all the different shingle roof materials that are available, the asphalt shingle is easily the most popular.

This is because asphalt shingles are not only very affordable, but they are also quite durable. One of the elements of an asphalt shingle that contributes to its high function is the granule. In fact, you can often tell whether a shingle roof is damaged or needs to be replaced by assessing the granules on the shingles.

What are the Granules?

Granules consist of crushed rock or ceramic that are applied to the shingles. They are what gives asphalt shingles their unique visual texture. They do much more than just add to the aesthetic value of the shingle roof, however, they are also essential to protecting the roof. This is because the granules protect the asphalt from damage caused by exposure to the sun.

Without the granules, the UV rays of the sun will rapidly damage the asphalt, leaving the roof structurally compromised and vulnerable to the elements.

How do Shingles Lose Their Granules?

One of the signs that indicate roof damage is if you find granules collecting in your gutter system. However, this isn’t always the case. The loss of granules can be caused by several different things, including the following:

  • New roof granule loss – If you’ve just had a new roof installed, then don’t be too worried about granules in your gutters. Some of the granules may have come loose during the packaging, shipping and installation of the shingles and are typically pried loose from the shingles during the first few rainfalls your roof endures.
  • Age-related granule loss – The longer your asphalt shingles are exposed to the sun, the more likely the granules are to come off. This is pretty normal in roofs that are getting up there in age and usually indicates its time to have them replaced.
  • Batch-related problems – If only small sections of your shingle roof are experiencing granule loss, it means that shingles from different batches were used in the installation, and one batch may need to be replaced.
  • Granule loss from foot traffic – If you’ve just had work done on your roof, then some of the granules may have been removed as a result of foot traffic. If you have recently had work done on your roof and think there is a significant amount of granules that are shedding, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion and have a roofing inspection done. Peace of mind is a priceless commodity on a large investment like your roof.

Granules are a crucial part of a shingle roof. If it looks like your shingles are losing granules, schedule a shingle roof inspection by contacting Go Roof Tune Up in Riverside today. 

Why Shingle Roofs Need A Tune Up