What You Need to Know about Home Shingle Roof Repair

Your Washington dream home is beautiful, but that roof! Perhaps it needs work; perhaps you could let it go? When you bought your home, nobody told you that you had to become a roofing expert, so how can you tell if you need shingle roof repair work, whether you live in the Golden State or The Evergreen State?

Problem Points

Several key areas of a shingle roof tend to wear faster than others. By keeping a lookout for wear at the spots, you can know when to call for fast, efficient roof repair:

  • Surrounding sanitary stacks and other roof piercings
  • Around ventilators and exhaust ducts
  • Around chimneys and crickets
  • Along the ridges and hips, where wind can scour the shingles

In addition, if you have overhanging branches, they can scratch and scrape the fiberglass-asphalt shingles at the eaves and overhangs. Those same branches can provide free passage to squirrels and other intrusive pests that tear up shingles.

Watchful Eye

What should a homeowner look for? First, never consider climbing onto your roof; even a gentle slope is deceptive and dangerous to the untrained person. Use an extension ladder to go no higher than your gutters, and look for signs like these:

  • Curled, cracked or broken shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Algae, moss or other vegetable matter on the shingles
  • Loose metal flashing around chimneys and plumbing stacks

Inside your attic, look for evidence of roof leaks. This could be damp insulation, actual dripping water, or simply discolored stains on sheathing and joists.
All of these are stark indicators that you need shingle roof repair from trained professionals, and soon.


Choosing a substandard roofer, or skimping on roof repairs, will only make a shingle roof repair problem worse. Though water and ice shield is “self-sealing,” your roof cannot heal itself. Putting off the roof repair will only put you, your home and your family at risk:

  • Mold and water infiltration can ruin walls, ceilings and furnishing
  • Mold and mildew affect indoor air quality
  • Rotting sheathing compromises structural integrity of your whole roof

Remember, your roof protects your family and all your possessions. Trying to defer needed repairs will only lead to more expensive, and extensive, repairs later.

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