Tune Up Home Value With Quality Roof Repair

The cost of a home repair or upgrade is not always reflected in its value added to your home at resale time. The typical cost for a brand new backyard patio, for example, is $61,164 in the Pacific Coast region, says Remodeling’s Cost Versus Value Report. At home sale time, that patio adds only $32,210, for a return on investment (ROI) of only 51.9 percent. A roof replacement, by contrast, generates an astounding 79.3 percent ROI. Short of spending $22,950 (average Pacific Coast costs) for a complete roof replacement, you can add real value to your Southern California home by opting for high-quality roof repair.

Cosmetic Curb Appeal

A nicely repaired roof — one that shows attention to detail, clean lines, and fresh materials — is one of the aspects of a home potential buyers see first. This is because a roof is a large expanse, easily visible from the curb (hence the term, curb appeal). Presenting a clean, sparkling face to prospective home buyers is the first step toward getting them in the door.

Beyond Cosmetics

Quality roof repair goes far beneath the surface, though. Careful, thorough roof repair also prevents damage from seeping into your Southern California home, in the form of water infiltration. The damage brought by even a loose tile or small area of torn underlayment can be substantial:

  • Soaked sheathing
  • Damp insulation
  • Saturated joists
  • Wet sheetrock in ceilings
  • Damp foundations
  • Mold and mildew forming wherever moisture exists

Spending a small amount on conscientious, careful roof repair goes a long way toward avoiding expensive repair bills inside and out. Keeping your home maintained — preserving its value — starts at the roof and extends all the way down to the foundations.

Preservation for the Future

Quality roof repair not only keeps your home’s current value locked in, it also helps preserve your home’s value far into the future. A wise investment with a professional, attentive roofing contractor this year can prevent damage in years to come:

  • Keep opportunistic pests like squirrels and bees out of your home’s attic
  • Prevent degradation of masonry around chimneys
  • Ensure the beauty of decorative fascia boards that add highlights and distinction to your home’s facade

To boost your home’s value, contact us at Go Roof Tune Up to set up a no-obligation roof inspection. We can advise on the best roof repair strategy to tune up your home’s value, identify problem areas, and preserve your roof.

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