Ways to Be Proactive and Prevent Roof Repair in 2018

If you’re like most busy homeowners today, you may not give your roof much thought until costly problems develop. If you’d like to avoid unexpected shingle roof repair expenses in 2018, you should take these proactive steps:

Schedule an In-Depth Roof Inspection

The best way to avoid big roof repair bills is to have your roof thoroughly inspected at least once every year. Most reputable roofing companies provide free, detailed inspections to area homeowners that can pinpoint any emerging problems that need attention. Having routine inspections allows you to tackle minor issues like a few lifted or broken shingles, or one or two sections of loose or damaged flashing, before they worsen and cause leaks.

Check for Proper Attic Ventilation

When our summer weather heats up, temperatures in your poorly-ventilated attic can soar and lead to expensive roof damage. An experienced roofing contractor can assess the amount of ventilation in your attic, and advise you if more intake and exhaust vents are needed to allow super-heated air to escape and prevent issues like warped/cracked rafters and roof decking, or premature aging of your shingles.

Monitor Your Roof’s Condition

For safety, you should leave climbing up onto the roof to an experienced pro but you can easily stay ahead of developing roof issues with periodic checkups from ground level and your attic. Outdoors, walk your home’s perimeter and look for defects like shingle or flashing deterioration, dark patches of exposed substrate, and excessive amounts of shed shingle granules on the ground or beneath your gutter downspouts. In the attic, check for visible daylight on the underside of the roof, water drips or stains on the sheathing, mold growth on surfaces, and damp or wet attic insulation.

Have Your Roof Cleaned Periodically

Our wet winters here in northern California create an ideal environment for moss, mold and mildew to take root on shaded sections of your shingle roof. Moss growth is particularly problematic, because it not only gives your roof a dilapidated appearance, but it can also cause significant moisture damage to the shingles, decking and structural components. You can avoid the headaches of dealing with leaks and unnecessary, costly repairs by having your roof professionally cleaned periodically using shingle-safe products, tools and techniques as recommended by your roofer.
To learn more effective ways to prevent shingle roof repairs, contact us today at Go Roof Tune Up, your northern California roofing experts.

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