Why You Need To Budget For Roof Maintenance

Considering your roof protects the integrity of your home’s structure and everything that’s beneath it, budgeting for roof maintenance for your Northern California home is a good idea.

Weather is your roof’s worst enemy, but age is a factor as well.

Chimneys, vents, skylights or any object that protrudes from your roof gives water an opportunity to seep in.  That said, water isn’t the only element that can impact the health of your roof. We have included a few reasons below to help you understand just how important regular roof maintenance really is.

Do you really pay much attention to the roof?  Most homeowners don’t unless there is a leak or other obvious issue that gets their attention.  Some of the events or circumstances that may result in roof damage and that could be avoided or remedied with roof maintenance include:

  • Storms – high winds, heavy rain, hail, sleet, snow, falling limbs and other debris can damage the roof.
  • Roof materials – shingles can crack or split or even come off.  Tiles are also prone to cracking, and while metal roofs often have fewer issues, the sheets and screws that hold panels down can loosen over time.
  • Overhanging tree limbs, dirt, moss and other issues.  While overhanging trees can provide shade, they also prevent moisture from drying as quickly which can result in the growth of moss if dirt, dust and other debris have built up on the roof.  The growth of moss often indicates rot or other problems in your roof’s structure.
  • Build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris can result in water standing on the roof.  Proper roof drainage is essential to ensure you don’t develop leaks in the roof.

These are just a few examples of why regular roof maintenance is so important.  You can’t see the roof from the ground, and while you should never get on the roof yourself it’s important to know what’s going on up there, considering your roof protects your entire home and everything that’s inside it.  Roof maintenance should always be left to the experts!

Having roof maintenance performed on a scheduled basis is vital to the health of your Northern California roof.  At Go Roof Tune-Up we provide consultations so that you can extend the life of your roof while avoiding issues that could impact your home and result in costly repairs or replacement.  Give us a call today!

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